School Improvement

IES is an organisation that strives continually to do better than its previous best. It is committed to the continual improvement of the education and of all the related services provided in its schools. To this end IES schools:

  • Monitor and evaluate the academic performance of their students, in relation to national and international standards and in terms of the ‘added value’ that results from being educated at an IES school;
  • Constantly seek opportunities to widen the range of extra-curricular activities on offer to students;
  • Are committed to the highest standards of pastoral care;
  • Challenge themselves by setting objectives and developing school plans to bring about continuing improvements in the education that they provide;
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of members of staff (including the heads/principals of the schools);
  • Are committed to ongoing improvements in their communications with parents who are essential partners in the educational process;
  • Keep under review their systems of management with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness.
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