The aim of IES is to offer an outstanding independent education provision at school level around the world. The directors of the company are highly qualified and experienced educators with an unmatched collective experience in education at both national and international levels.

Jorge S. Bonet, M.Ed, D.Ed

JSBonetJorge was born in Madrid, Spain, into a family of teachers, who nurtured in him the vocation of an Educator. He has been involved in the field of education since 1980, becoming a leading player in the development of an international network of schools in Europe, whose principal aim is that of achieving excellence in education provision, with the intention of maximising the pupils’ quality of life.

His vision of a global education, free of discrimination and underpinned by the ideal of, ‘an education in and for freedom’, led to the prestigious award of Doctor in Education, Honoris Causa, being bestowed by the University of Newport, U.S.A in 1999.

Jorge holds a Masters degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University U.S.A. and a Masters degree in the History of Art from the Universidad Internacional SEK de Chile. He is one of the founders of International Education Systems IES, whose principal objective is the development of a new education paradigm for the 21st century, based on developing educational strategies with the pillars of student self-confidence and happiness clearly set as the fundamental foundations for a more extensive and, demonstrably, superior education.

International recognition combined with his commitment to Education has led to numerous awards together with invitations to contribute to international forums and conferences in more than 15 nations.


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